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Penang Old Folks Home & Nursing Home | Old Folks Home, Nursing Home and Day Care

Affordable Old Folks Home in Penang

Vensi Old Folks home is affordable and provides good quality. The elders are well taken care of and its home is clean and tidy More »

Rumah Warga Emas

Rumah Warga Emas \" Vensi Old Folks Home\" merupakan sebuah institusi yang berperanan menjaga orang tua. Vensi berpusat di Sungai Ara, Pulau Pinang. More »


Venssi Old Folks Home


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Venssi Old Folks Home is design to help and care for the old folks (Warga Emas). The Old Folks home is located in Sunga Ara, Penang and it is surrounded by quiet neighborhood.  At Venssi, we are keen to give the best care for any elderly people.

Our Mission
To provide love and care to the elders.  We help working adults to shoulder and share responsibilities . We understand that every one needs special attention and we are keen to shower them with love.

At Venssi, you need not need to worry about our services. We bring 5 star rated services to all the elders.The services are

  1. Nursing Care (Temporary and Permanent)
  2. Simple Physio Therapy
  3. Day Care Temporary and Permanent
  4. Simple Yoga
  5. Recreational Therapy
  6. Terminal Care
  7. Yawara Therapeutic Massage

For More Information, please call Venssi Old FOlks Home at
No. 15 Lintang Sungai Ara 6, Setia Green, Penang, Malaysia
Contact Information: 016-4805069





  1. I am very happy with the food here.  Most of all the environment is so clean. They clean the house 2-3 times a day
  2. The workers here are very helpful, Venssi really takes care of us
  3. I have changed many old folks home before but this is where i have stayed the longest
  4. I love to hang out and chat with friends here. The place is clean too

Assisted Living Penang

Penang Old Folks Home4

Venssi Old Nursing Home is providing nursing care for any family members. We provides nursing services for anyone who needs our help. Our clients consist of

  1. Senior Citizens
  2. Medical ill clients who needs constant supervision
  3. Stroke patients
  4. Discharge patients who needs supervision and recovery sessions
  5. Physiotherapy
For more information about our program and services Venssi Old Folks Home. Call us at 016-4805069