Affordable Old Folks Home in Penang

Vensi Old Folks home is affordable and provides good quality. The elders are well taken care of and its home is clean and tidy More »

Rumah Warga Emas

Rumah Warga Emas \" Vensi Old Folks Home\" merupakan sebuah institusi yang berperanan menjaga orang tua. Vensi berpusat di Sungai Ara, Pulau Pinang. More »


Nursing Home in Sungai Dua Penang

Venssi Nursing home provides nursing home for anyone who resides in Sungai Dua. Venssi Nursing Home currently have two branches where we group our clients base on gender, severity physical strength and mental stability. Rest assure that male  will have a separate compartment to female and this will ensure a better privacy and safety of our clients.

Just for your knowledge, if you are planning to send your elders to Venssi Nursing Home, you may give a call. we will be glad to help you to arrange all the necessities. There will be daily visiting hours in our Nursing home.


For more information about our program and services Venssi Old Folks Home. Call us at 016-4805069